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Lucky Southern Women – Free copies at Goodreads!

Lucky Southern Women

Details at Propertius Press:

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Saving Sweet Briar College

I announced yesterday on my Facebook page that I will be donating the proceeds from my novel Lucky Southern Women to Saving Sweet Briar, Inc. as a participant in the Tomlinson-Atlanta $25k Challenge.

More at the Propertius Press website

Link to Saving Sweet Briar

Link to Saving Sweet Briar

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Blog: How Far We’ve Come to Fall So Far

It’s quite shocking, in fact, to look over the chart and see how the value of middle-class salaries fell into the toilet during the ensuing years.

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Pre-publication Copies: Lucky Southern Women

Lucky Southern Women will be released soon! Details at the link above.

Propertius Press

Lucky Southern Women, a new novel by Susannah Eanes, will be available for book reviews starting Friday, January 10, 2014. If you are interested in obtaining a free pre-publication copy, please send us a note in the comments or email us at

Pre-publication review copies are available for the next 21 days only. The book is scheduled for release on February 1st.

The rural landscape entwines around the lives and loves of two strong, yet troubled women, a beautiful contrast to the beliefs they absorbed as children. Only in moving beyond the past can they forge a way ahead not only for themselves, but for their loved ones. In so doing, each finds something vital that will give them the power and resilience they need to meet the greatest challenge of all.

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I’m in the process of moving files to different webservers and making several rather substantial changes to various online presences. I’m not sure how everything is going to shape up yet – I am Pisces, after all.  Rest assured that no matter what, it’s bound to be interesting.

While I’m busy setting up the place, kindly ramble over to my original blog… a bit of earth, where I do book reviews, or my other site at wordpress:  sophie’s place, where I post thoughts on whatever I think pertinent – or impertinent – at the moment. Writing samples may be found here.

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