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Publisher, writer, editor. Formerly worked in historic costume, also employed in government.

New short story published!

My story, “Friends,” was included in DRAW DOWN THE MOON, the wonderful new short story Anthology by Propertius Press! There are over forty romantic short stories in this collection, each one individual and unique, just like love itself. My story … Continue reading

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Why Amazon?

No really, why? A lot of authors seem to believe that “omg you HAVE to have your books on Amazon! How will anyone find them otherwise???” This is completely unfounded, and untrue. Before I go on, I will tell you, … Continue reading

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Lucky Southern Women

Originally posted on Snowflakes in a Blizzard:
THE BOOK:  Lucky Southern Women. PUBLISHED IN: 2014. THE AUTHOR:  Susannah Eanes. THE EDITOR: Rachael Stern. THE PUBLISHER: Propertius Press, a small literary press in Virginia. SUMMARY: The rural landscape entwines around the…

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Blog Welcome Simple Things Hire Me! In Public About

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Lucky Southern Women – Free copies at Goodreads!

Details at Propertius Press:

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Saving Sweet Briar College

I announced yesterday on my Facebook page that I will be donating the proceeds from my novel Lucky Southern Women to Saving Sweet Briar, Inc. as a participant in the Tomlinson-Atlanta $25k Challenge. More at the Propertius Press website

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a bit of earth post: february 11, 2014

Blog: How Far We’ve Come to Fall So Far It’s quite shocking, in fact, to look over the chart and see how the value of middle-class salaries fell into the toilet during the ensuing years.

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Pre-publication Copies: Lucky Southern Women

Originally posted on Propertius Press Blog:
Lucky Southern Women, a new novel by Susannah Eanes, will be available for book reviews starting Friday, January 10, 2014. If you are interested in obtaining a free pre-publication copy, please send us a…

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I’m in the process of moving files to different webservers and making several rather substantial changes to various online presences. I’m not sure how everything is going to shape up yet – I am Pisces, after all.  Rest assured that … Continue reading

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